PanFest Events Year-Round

PanFest-related events happen all year-round!

Upcoming Events


March 18 – Fabulous Family Swim Night

Bring your family! Bring your friends! Swim around! Enjoy yourself! Relax! Celebrate the coming spring!

Tickets available at Quantum Comics and Where Faeries Live after March 3rd
5$ for everyone, stadium volunteers get in FREE!!
(Stadium Volunteers must still pick up tickets, so we know how many people are coming so’s we can have the correct number of lifeguards, for legal purposes)

May 6 – 2017 Edmonton Beltaine Faire

Come to Ritchie Community League (7727-98street, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5C9) from 11am to 4pm on Saturday, May 6th and do Beltaney stuff. It’s great. Facebook Event

All Year – Volunteer Opportunities

Fundraising for Panfest is a year-long effort, and our fundraising volunteers are essential to that process. Shout Out to all of you

Our primary source of funds is Commonwealth Stadium, where we operate a food and liquor concession stand in the West wing. Everyone who volunteers for this gets a 10$ fully-transferable registration credit per shift they work. If you are interested, please contact


Future Events


Blurby blurb blurb. Read more…

Past Events

Yule Family Potluck Feast hosted by PanFest

The Yule Feast was a great success!

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