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Vending at PANFEST 2016 FESTIVAL                                                                                                       Vendor Registration Form

We are excited to offer our Pagan and Pagan-friendly vendors an exclusive opportunity to vend during the PANFEST 2016 Festival weekend. We have up to 8 spots for vendors. If you are interested, please fill out the enclosed application form.

Just like all other attendees, you will be assigned a volunteer crew and shift on Friday evening following orientation. Vending must not interfere with your volunteer schedules and vending is not considered part of any PANFEST volunteer shift.


One Vendor space costs $150, which includes the Vendor Fee and one Adult Vendor/Registration Pass. If additional passes are required, the fee will be $125 for each additional Adult Vendor registration pass; a registration form is required for each vendor pass. Festival Pass for children 3 to 12 years is $50.

Festival Passes include meals, accommodation space, and access to all the workshops and events held during the Festival. Vendors are required to bring all supplies required to camp for the weekend, if they have not requested a bunk house sleeping space. All bedding and personal items are also required for staying in the bunk houses.

Applications must be received no later than the Last Chance Registration date – please see the registration package for this year’s registration deadlines. Please Note that PANFEST charges $35 for NSF cheques.

Applications are juried, and there is limited space, so register early. Duplication of products may be permitted but the Vendor Coordinator will attempt to minimize this to the best of his/her ability. PANFEST does not endorse any vendor or product at the festival.

Space, Liability Release, Responsibilities:

The Merchants’ area is an outdoor venue and vendors are expected to have a type of tent or canopy covering necessary to protect their stock from the element and weather. Vendor space is allocated in units of 10ft by 10ft and vendors may only offer items for sale at their designated booth. Anyone caught selling goods without a PANFEST permit or outside their designated booth may be asked to leave the festival site by the Board of Directors.

PANFEST assumes no responsibility for the security of the Merchants’ area. Booths should be occupied at all times while open, and any valuables should secured when merchant booth is not manned. Merchants are required to monitor security of their wares at all times. Vendors agree to vend at their own risk, releasing PANFEST from all liabilities. It is encouraged that all vendors have their own adequate insurance to cover themselves and their tables.

Vendors may set their vending hours as they see fit (so they can attend workshops, rituals and events), as long as they are open a portion of each day of the festival.

Additional Information:

The PANFEST Board reserves the right to deny any vendor to sell any item/service deemed inappropriate by the Board. Vendors ARE juried. Payment of the vendor fee does not automatically guarantee a vendor space. If the jury declines your vendor application, your paid vendor fee will be returned to you.

Vendor registration for Panfest 2016 will open on May 1.

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