How long until PANFEST 2018?

100Days 21Hours 41Minutes 21Seconds

Some events to watch for at PANFEST 2018:

Opening Ritual
Dedication of (Aphrodite's?) Temple
Lammas / Lughnassadh Ritual
Men's Mysteries discussion group
Women's Mysteries discussion group
Women's Nude Ritual
Casting off clothing among others can be frightening. Our bodies are suddenly strange, simultaneously transgressive and innocent.

In our daily lives, our clothing is at times armour of protection, at times a canvas of expression, at times a uniform in which we feel the constraints of the mundane. But on our Pagan path, nudity is sacred—how we came into this life, pure, from purity. Our energy flows unhindered, through us and among us.

We are all naked before the Goddess—and each of us is blessed by her and beautiful in her sight.

Co-Ed Nude Ritual
Annual General Meeting
Closing Ritual

General Registration Forms

Check back again soon! As events are finalized, we’ll update this page.

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